Motivation to Keep Moving

I asked a lot, how do I stay motivated? There are a lot of ways to stay motivated. I will discuss some of the main ways in this article.

If you can find a burning desire, why you want to exercise or be healthy, then you will be unstoppable. If you keep your mind fixed on the burning desire, all excuses will fall apart, never to be found again. As soon as you stop to think about it a powerful desire, then excuses and fear set in. Make sure you write it down, along with some other things we’re going to go over today. Carry it with you, read it, and actually feel it daily. So what could possibly burning desire to be? Anything that gets going, you know, increase your energy up; the desire to be skinny, healthy, energetic, for when the kids are older, around grandchildren, running a 5k, to compete in some kind of sports event, to fit into a small sports car, to be able to touch your toes again swim personal best, etc. Just make sure it is the most inspiring thing for you.

Another way to stay motivated is to write down your goals. Writing goals is so important, and without them, what are you shooting for? Without goals how do you know where you are going, and how to track what you’re doing? Make objectives and goals you must meet this week (I will practice every day this week), make a goal for the next month, 6 months, 1 year and 5 years! Write them down in the same paper and burning desire and be sure to carry them everywhere and read them daily. Do not forget to change them if necessary. Many people ask me why it is so important to do it … here’s why. You eat food daily to energize your body, hopefully you are feeding your body healthy foods. The same thing needs to happen with the mind, it requires daily motivation to be energized!

At this same piece of paper, make some affirmations and read them daily. Affirmations help you adjust your attitude, so if you do not practice, you need confirmation that says; Exercise makes me feel amazing, and I exercise daily!

Reading 10 pages motivation or health books a day is another great way to stay motivated. My wife and I try to read at least 10 pages of a good book today. Yes, we miss the day here and there, but we are very stable! Reading informs you about new things and new ideas, and it’s great for the brain. If you can believe this, I never read the book I did not read of all my life. I would read even choose your own adventure books so I had not read the book. It was not until I began to have a desire to better myself, I started reading self development books all the time. Now I read with my wife, listen to motivational CD in the car, and read on my phone often.

The last way to stay motivated, and this is very important. Pay attention to the thoughts in your head when you do not feel like doing a workout or even when you are feeling down. This can be a huge eye-opener for you, when you begin to discover that some unconscious thoughts are causing you to sabotage yourself. This is the hardest list too, you have to really pay attention to what the brain is thinking at all times. It’s like weeding out the garden so amazing crops can grow. You need to weed out any limiting thoughts so that you can truly thrive and live a healthy life.

You’ve taken a big step in the right direction now that you have read the newsletter. The next step is to make it on the list, and watch the magic happen! I use iLog1 app for iPhone / iPad / iTouch to track my goals, write down affirmations, and even monitor my mood! If you do not use electronic devices, then make sure you carry that paper with you everywhere!

This I love to exercise daily!

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