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During the holidays, easy to get off track with so many delicious, festive foods, it is important to keep your digestion working well. Digestion has a direct impact on whether you get, lose or maintain weight. It affects how you feel, including your energy levels. Have you ever had a “carbohydrate coma?” This is a silly way to say that too many starchy carbohydrates can make you sleepy or lethargic, but it also causes some stoppage in the gastrointestinal tract. Having healthy digestion also affects how the body fights off colds, flu, and disease. If you are properly absorbing nutrients, it will also show with the radiance of the skin.

Healthy digestion allows food to the body with the right, which is beneficial to all the cells and brain, improve overall function and feelings of euphoria. If too much food and drink is consumed too fast, acid and stomach problems can flair up. Eating too fast happens a lot when people are over worked, over stressed or over committed. All people inevitably eat on the run and sometimes experience indigestion, which may be comprised of overeating. Do you ever eat standing up because you’re in a hurry? Take time to sit down and relax when you eat a meal. Take time to be social during meals by spending time with others, and chew food well.

Be sure that you are not consuming empty carbohydrates full of sugar and white flour, but eat good complex carbohydrates and high water content foods, including raw vegetables which contain live enzymes. And be active. Fiber, water and exercise assist with proper food absorption and elimination, by moving food through your body, and keep the food from the building and putrefying in your system. Fiber-poor diets can instead promote fat absorption and weight gain. When food is retained in the body longer than normal, intestinal yeast and fungus growth can lead to feelings of malaise, illness and impaired immune function.

You may have a special sensitivity to spicy or fatty convenience foods, which for some people can affect healthy digestion. So if this is the case, choose food types and drinks carefully. Other digestive irritants may include caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, nuts, soft drinks, smoking and certain medications.

When a cause for indigestion can not be found after careful consideration, a person can have malabsorption issues or some kind of functional dyspepsia, which is a type of indigestion created by impairment of the ability of the stomach to accept and digest food and then go to the evaluation of the small intestine . Personally, I am often plagued by indigestion due to hereditary pancreatitis, so I share this with you based on a lot of my own experience with digestion management, sometimes, but not always, mitigates My own personal flare-ups and reduce the recovery phase. I believe that the practices of healthy digestion can be applied in many serious gastrointestinal diseases, such as gallstones, ulcers and other diseases that cause intense and prolonged symptoms that require medical treatment. So, if you know you are eating right, but are still having problems, please call the doctor and get checked out.

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