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Several research projects, undertaken on centenarians, have conclusively proved that while genetic disposition played its part, making lifestyle changes contributed significantly to their success in leading a long good life.

In the first half of life, you were busy pursuing career and family goals and you may not have paid enough thought about making any lifestyle changes. This could have resulted in wear and tear, which has now started to become obvious. You may have so far managed with stop-gap symptomatic treatments whenever some ailments appeared and postponed making lifestyle changes. Now that you have entered the second half of life, you may be feeling the need to take control of the body by making some changes in your lifestyle. It has been confirmed again and again to make gradual lifestyle changes can prolong healthy life. Making lifestyle changes can significantly reduce the chances of catching a chronic illness.

You can start the journey towards having a perfectly healthy body by slowly making some difference in your lifestyle. The (not so) secret recipe for having a healthy life to reach 100 comprises only three ingredients:

regular exercise

The most important aspect of making changes in your lifestyle to enjoy life after 50, would be to incorporate regular exercise into your daily regime. Start changes by allocating half an hour today for practice. If you had been a long sedentary life so far, start a gradual change with a relaxed slow walk. Do not try to tax your body anything more than this despite all those advises a minimum of half-an-hour brisk walk, so that your body would refuse to budge day! Make the slow walk enjoyable preferably in a park or even your backyard. Do not try to increase the speed. After one or two months, you will find that the speed has increased and the desired lifestyle is possible to happen. When walking becomes a habit, you can consider increasing the time and add more exercises, without annoying body! Keep this up and you would be able to enjoy life after 50 or even after 100!

eat right

Please do not start the changes by starving! Making changes in habits food does not have to be so strong and painful! Since you have been reading a lot about food, all you have to do is watch what you are eating. Start your lifestyle in food by cutting down intake slowly. Advise the body in a friendly way not to eat extra scoop of ice cream! Do not skip meals, instead can reduce appetite by eating some raw vegetable salad or fruit between meals. When you see oily food, remember the terrible things you have read about cholesterol?

Slow changes in food habits tend to become more permanent than sudden, spirited headlong plunge into hunger and thus give punishment to your body. Only slow and steady wins this race too!

Health checkup: Prevention and timely cure ailments

Regular medical checkups are also part of useful lifestyle changes to maintain robust health for senior citizens. Every medical and diagnostic center worth its name offer different types of medical checkups to suit you and your pocket. Many of these medical checkups have the ability to detect diseases at their nascent stage and will help you to avoid high medical bills later. Many of these medical checkups offer free consultations with specialists doctors, who can guide you to make lifestyle changes to suit lifestyle.

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