Holiday Happy Hour

I want to start and express my gratitude to all who read this article. My goal with this information is to help you out in areas of health and fitness that you can deal with. You might learn something here and there, and when you learn, I’ve achieved what I meant! So again, thank you.

With the big holiday season in the United States, I want to remember to eat, and why so many people dread the holidays and all the food. So let’s jump into any situation and ways that you do not have to fear holiday.

First, if you eat well and regularly are happy with how you look and feel, what is there to worry about? If you eat healthy ever day of your life, then you can eat whatever you want tomorrow or any other holiday for that matter. Now if you do not feel good later, then maybe you just want to eat until you are full and not stuffed! Or if you know something does not agree with your system, stay away from them too!

Second, if you eat a good majority of the time (I did not say much, I said good), and maybe you could afford to lose a few LB, you can still eat what you want, just pay attention to the amount. Most people pile their plates up and return to the seconds, thirds and fourths! If you want to taste all the collection, then take smaller doses, or do plate and split it with your partner. If you do not have a partner then the risk to your brother, sister or friend.

Third, if you eat poorly most of the time, and you know who you are, you can still eat what you want. You will learn to use self-control during the holidays and in everyday life. This is due to the bad decisions you eat regularly and you also lack respect for the body. Until you realize this is to struggle with weight. Until you respect and love yourself and your body, you will not lose weight. So, for no fear vacation, you can limit yourself to one standard size plate of food that is not stacked a mile high, you can drink more water on the day for a meal, you can eat your food slow instead of eating as it is a race to see who wins the fast eating gold medal, you can also drink water during the meal and after you finish your plate, and you can claim that you love to eat healthy by turning makes you healthier you and your body loves you for it! (Write that last phrase down and read it twice a day) These simple strategies can help you through the holidays. Everyday you have a choice, eat bad, or good to eat, are both advantages as easy as others, you just need to start doing more of the good than bad choice.

The second point I want to touch on is an exercise on vacation. You will not get any more weight if you do not workout on vacation! At least not more weight than you would if you did workout. If you eat a ton of food, you will gain weight either way, it will eventually come out in a few days to eat right and exercise. So, my philosophy is that if you are traveling a day or two, or you are entertaining for a day or two, do not worry about getting a workout in. Spend time with family and friends that you have not seen in awhile, it’s good for you and them to catch up and share happiness! If you decide to go workout because you have the time, or some friends or family will, then do it. Just do not stress over not getting a workout in a few days.

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