How to Find a Reliable drinking water purification system

Most of us must know that drinking water purifiers could protect the health of family members by removing substances, bacteria and metal in water. How should we choose a filter? What are the criteria? In this article I’ll tell you some important things to consider when buying the best water filter, according to my experience in selecting them, including the famous BERKEY water filter and several other brands.


You must check pricing when buying. This principle is the girl friend of mine always do when visiting a department store. Money is also an important criterion to be considered when taking a water purifier. Of course you have to think about affordability, but the cost of a treatment system also includes quality. I’ve seen a lot of filters that are produced in the PRC. their characteristics are difficult to be considered acceptable. From external casing to filter, every bit is worse than good products. The only benefit of these purifiers is they cost less, but when we talk about buying products related to our bodies, we need absolutely to consider more than just the cost.


Think about the size of your family before selecting a purifier because you have to find cleaning system with sufficient capacity to meet the consumption of your family. For a small family, 4 to 6 gallons purification system is certainly large enough. Add 1 liter each additional family member.

There are times when you want to carry a filter for hiking. There are portable water filters for outdoor use. These filters usually have a size of 1.5 to 2 gallons. This type of filter is lightweight, even when full of water. They are good for a family picnic.


The material of the cover plays an important role when choosing the cleaning system. It is quite important to choose one that matches the look and feel of the room, if you put the purifier there. For modern design, plastic purifier is better. However, if the house is designed in classic style, steel purifier may be more appropriate.


I always read the user ratings left by other consumers when shopping online. Many water filters are now sold online, you can read reviews made by customers who actually bought the products. Some stores have a search option you can find products for food. In addition, user comments are a great source of guidance. You may find a lot of buyers sharing how they use the purifiers. Review these notes, you can save a lot of time to read the user manuals.


Water purifier is subject to defects because people use it every single day. It is very important that you buy a purifier with a long guarantee period. Certainly long maintenance period usually means a higher price, you spend less money to buy new, so ultimately it is advisable to buy purification system with an extended warranty.

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