How to Find a Reliable drinking water purification system

Most of us must know that drinking water purifiers could protect the health of family members by removing substances, bacteria and metal in water. How should we choose a filter? What are the criteria? In this article I’ll tell you some important things to consider when buying the best water filter, according to my experience in selecting them, including the famous BERKEY water filter and several other brands.


You must check pricing when buying. This principle is the girl friend of mine always do when visiting a department store. Money is also an important criterion to be considered when taking a water purifier. Of course you have to think about affordability, but the cost of a treatment system also includes quality. I’ve seen a lot of filters that are produced in the PRC. their characteristics are difficult to be considered acceptable. From external casing to filter, every bit is worse than good products. The only benefit of these purifiers is they cost less, but when we talk about buying products related to our bodies, we need absolutely to consider more than just the cost.


Think about the size of your family before selecting a purifier because you have to find cleaning system with sufficient capacity to meet the consumption of your family. For a small family, 4 to 6 gallons purification system is certainly large enough. Add 1 liter each additional family member.

There are times when you want to carry a filter for hiking. There are portable water filters for outdoor use. These filters usually have a size of 1.5 to 2 gallons. This type of filter is lightweight, even when full of water. They are good for a family picnic.


The material of the cover plays an important role when choosing the cleaning system. It is quite important to choose one that matches the look and feel of the room, if you put the purifier there. For modern design, plastic purifier is better. However, if the house is designed in classic style, steel purifier may be more appropriate.


I always read the user ratings left by other consumers when shopping online. Many water filters are now sold online, you can read reviews made by customers who actually bought the products. Some stores have a search option you can find products for food. In addition, user comments are a great source of guidance. You may find a lot of buyers sharing how they use the purifiers. Review these notes, you can save a lot of time to read the user manuals.


Water purifier is subject to defects because people use it every single day. It is very important that you buy a purifier with a long guarantee period. Certainly long maintenance period usually means a higher price, you spend less money to buy new, so ultimately it is advisable to buy purification system with an extended warranty.

making Lifestyle

Several research projects, undertaken on centenarians, have conclusively proved that while genetic disposition played its part, making lifestyle changes contributed significantly to their success in leading a long good life.

In the first half of life, you were busy pursuing career and family goals and you may not have paid enough thought about making any lifestyle changes. This could have resulted in wear and tear, which has now started to become obvious. You may have so far managed with stop-gap symptomatic treatments whenever some ailments appeared and postponed making lifestyle changes. Now that you have entered the second half of life, you may be feeling the need to take control of the body by making some changes in your lifestyle. It has been confirmed again and again to make gradual lifestyle changes can prolong healthy life. Making lifestyle changes can significantly reduce the chances of catching a chronic illness.

You can start the journey towards having a perfectly healthy body by slowly making some difference in your lifestyle. The (not so) secret recipe for having a healthy life to reach 100 comprises only three ingredients:

regular exercise

The most important aspect of making changes in your lifestyle to enjoy life after 50, would be to incorporate regular exercise into your daily regime. Start changes by allocating half an hour today for practice. If you had been a long sedentary life so far, start a gradual change with a relaxed slow walk. Do not try to tax your body anything more than this despite all those advises a minimum of half-an-hour brisk walk, so that your body would refuse to budge day! Make the slow walk enjoyable preferably in a park or even your backyard. Do not try to increase the speed. After one or two months, you will find that the speed has increased and the desired lifestyle is possible to happen. When walking becomes a habit, you can consider increasing the time and add more exercises, without annoying body! Keep this up and you would be able to enjoy life after 50 or even after 100!

eat right

Please do not start the changes by starving! Making changes in habits food does not have to be so strong and painful! Since you have been reading a lot about food, all you have to do is watch what you are eating. Start your lifestyle in food by cutting down intake slowly. Advise the body in a friendly way not to eat extra scoop of ice cream! Do not skip meals, instead can reduce appetite by eating some raw vegetable salad or fruit between meals. When you see oily food, remember the terrible things you have read about cholesterol?

Slow changes in food habits tend to become more permanent than sudden, spirited headlong plunge into hunger and thus give punishment to your body. Only slow and steady wins this race too!

Health checkup: Prevention and timely cure ailments

Regular medical checkups are also part of useful lifestyle changes to maintain robust health for senior citizens. Every medical and diagnostic center worth its name offer different types of medical checkups to suit you and your pocket. Many of these medical checkups have the ability to detect diseases at their nascent stage and will help you to avoid high medical bills later. Many of these medical checkups offer free consultations with specialists doctors, who can guide you to make lifestyle changes to suit lifestyle.

5 tips for healthy weight loss

1. Get your body moving!

Being active is essential to good health. Joining a gym, walking, jogging, or swimming are just a few ways to get and stay active. Parking your car far away from the supermarket or store will allow you to make more than shopping or running errands. Go up and down on your toes while waiting in the checkout line (or any line for that matter). Try to take on projects, such as planting a garden, raking leaves, or walk the dog. Take the stairs not the escalator, walking stairs is a great cardio workout.

2. Eat your vegetables.

Eating vegetables is one of the smartest things you can do to maximize health. Leafy green vegetables in particular are the healthiest food on the planet, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals. Not only do they have very high nutrient content, but they also have very low caloric value. Foods with this combination of high nutrients and low calories is ideal for good health. Try to eat as much of these types of super foods as possible, and this will provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to fight off diseases while allowing you to lose weight.

3. Drink plenty of water.

Water curbs appetite naturally and helps the body burn fat. Studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase! Increase your water consumption will reduce the fat on your body!

Here’s why …

The kidneys can not function properly without enough water. When they do not work capacity, some of their load is dumped on the liver. One of the main functions of the liver is to burn fat into usable energy for the body. But if the liver has to take on the kidney’s work, it can not work at Maxim efficiency. Water helps you look your best. You’ve heard this since high school, and it’s true. Water will do wonders for your look! It flushes out toxins in the skin, leaving you with a clear, glowing complexion. It also makes the skin look younger. Skin that is becoming saggy, either due to aging or weight loss, plumps up very nicely when the skin cells are hydrated.

4. Eat lots fruit.

Start eating fruits that you have not eaten before. Fruits come in all shape, sizes and flavors. Put berries, apples or bananas in hot or cold cereal devices. Try to get some fruit with each meal. Allow for sliced ​​carrot, apple, grape, or any fruit at lunch bag. Fruit is an outstanding ideal for lunch. Fruit is great for snacks. Encourage kids also to snack with fruits rather than cakes and sweets.

They are rich in vitamins and minerals that keep your body healthy. They are filled with antioxidants, thought to protect against chemicals that get into the body and cause damage to cells. However, exactly how they prevent disease is not fully understood.

5. Get support from friends and family

As you know, your success is up to you, but including family and friends in your quest for better health is a great way to hold yourself accountable, and get support. Their love and encouragement can provide emotional security. Try to keep them want to see success in your circle, they will be there to stimulate you went on that you are thinking about quitting. You may also become an example of good health and attract those you love in a healthy lifestyle, you will enjoy. Going for a walk, jog, or any activities together is a wonderful way to get the family and continue to Fit.

If you are serious about losing weight, please take a look at this program and it really helped me with my weight loss.

A Healthy View of Physical self

Having a healthy self-image of the body is paramount if you are to maintain a positive self-image. Everything in your life will start from the point of how you view yourself. Do you like the person you are physically, or you find a bug in many parts of the body? This is a very difficult issue for people today.

In the current culture, media bombards our society constantly with images of what it portrays as perfection. Unfortunately, it rarely lines up with actual reality as any. While one out of every two people in North America today is overweight or even obese, perfection from Hollywood is illustrated as someone who is almost anorexic in appearance. This image is obviously unattainable for 99% of all men. This is why weight loss has become so much business in North America these days. But in all this, there is some good news.

Many people are starting to realize that it is not consistent with the image of Hollywood. It is all about changing the internal identity of the one who is to receive and understand how they are beautifully and wonderfully made. Beauty has little to do with external appearances and whole lot to do with looking at you with love and acceptance.

That’s good news. However, it does not become good news unless you’re willing to change the way you think about yourself. This requires changing your mindset to one of personal acceptance and generosity. By this I mean, most people are often more accepting towards other peoples “imperfections” than they are to their own. You will be pleased with your personal situation. However, you should also continue to set goals to improve. You might say that this is a balanced harmony overlap with healthy dissatisfaction. This is actually a recipe for a healthy personal attitude that is energized with enthusiasm for life.

So here are a few things you might want to consider:

You must first be willing to totally happy with you as you are and understand that you are a wonder of creation. Stop all negative self-talk and start filling your thoughts with “self love” and recognition. This suggests that you should not speak negatively about yourself to someone or to yourself. This also includes the comparison self talk must be avoided at all costs. Do not look through the prism of what fashion magazines try to show. Start practicing their own qualities and strengths.

If you start doing all this you will also start to be more accepting towards other people. Become the person others want to be around because you find the good in everything. Be sincere in your conversations. And finally, start to do some achieve goals for you. If you are one of those who are overweight, then start taking the necessary disciplines to start losing that weight. It should be noted that 70% of all obesity Dietary.

Here is where it might become necessary to find some kind of support or help. Being part of a network of support can be a catalyst to assist you in making the necessary changes in your life. In all this, remember to keep a positive attitude towards yourself. If you implement these suggestions, you will soon discover a delightful and attractive self that you always wanted.

Management Healthy Digestion

During the holidays, easy to get off track with so many delicious, festive foods, it is important to keep your digestion working well. Digestion has a direct impact on whether you get, lose or maintain weight. It affects how you feel, including your energy levels. Have you ever had a “carbohydrate coma?” This is a silly way to say that too many starchy carbohydrates can make you sleepy or lethargic, but it also causes some stoppage in the gastrointestinal tract. Having healthy digestion also affects how the body fights off colds, flu, and disease. If you are properly absorbing nutrients, it will also show with the radiance of the skin.

Healthy digestion allows food to the body with the right, which is beneficial to all the cells and brain, improve overall function and feelings of euphoria. If too much food and drink is consumed too fast, acid and stomach problems can flair up. Eating too fast happens a lot when people are over worked, over stressed or over committed. All people inevitably eat on the run and sometimes experience indigestion, which may be comprised of overeating. Do you ever eat standing up because you’re in a hurry? Take time to sit down and relax when you eat a meal. Take time to be social during meals by spending time with others, and chew food well.

Be sure that you are not consuming empty carbohydrates full of sugar and white flour, but eat good complex carbohydrates and high water content foods, including raw vegetables which contain live enzymes. And be active. Fiber, water and exercise assist with proper food absorption and elimination, by moving food through your body, and keep the food from the building and putrefying in your system. Fiber-poor diets can instead promote fat absorption and weight gain. When food is retained in the body longer than normal, intestinal yeast and fungus growth can lead to feelings of malaise, illness and impaired immune function.

You may have a special sensitivity to spicy or fatty convenience foods, which for some people can affect healthy digestion. So if this is the case, choose food types and drinks carefully. Other digestive irritants may include caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, nuts, soft drinks, smoking and certain medications.

When a cause for indigestion can not be found after careful consideration, a person can have malabsorption issues or some kind of functional dyspepsia, which is a type of indigestion created by impairment of the ability of the stomach to accept and digest food and then go to the evaluation of the small intestine . Personally, I am often plagued by indigestion due to hereditary pancreatitis, so I share this with you based on a lot of my own experience with digestion management, sometimes, but not always, mitigates My own personal flare-ups and reduce the recovery phase. I believe that the practices of healthy digestion can be applied in many serious gastrointestinal diseases, such as gallstones, ulcers and other diseases that cause intense and prolonged symptoms that require medical treatment. So, if you know you are eating right, but are still having problems, please call the doctor and get checked out.

Chiropractor Tips for a healthy Thanksgiving

Nutritional counseling is an important part of Chiropractors repertoire. is to live healthier eating healthier. Living healthy means a | mindful of what you eat. The amount and types of food you eat can dramatically affect your mood, energy and physical condition, both positive and negative.
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to fall prey to overindulgence. Still, with some chiropractor tips, you might come out ahead of the game and still have fun celebrating.
Go to the appetizer veggie platter
If appetizers are served, head for fresh veggie platter. You can never eat too many carrot sticks or broccoli florets, but keep dips and sauces to a minimum. If you spy guilt-ridden appetizer that you just can not stand, let you sample, but not to extremes not in it.
drinking water
Drink plenty of water. Water helps flush out toxins and helps provide you with the correct fluid for the celebration ahead. Try sparkling water with fresh strawberries in champagne glass for a festive and healthy toast.
Proteins and greens are good for the album
Do not skip dinner salad. Salads are obviously full of green vegetables, which are chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals. And when the main course is served, be sure to add plenty of protein and other dishes green vegetables to your plate. The more protein and vegetables on your plate, the less space you need to add the weight of starch.
Potatoes, stuffing, and bread are often prevalent at Thanksgiving dinner. These are all heavy hydrocarbons, which can leave you feeling ill, bloated and lethargic. Sure, eat your starches but pick and choose and then limit what you put on your plate. Avoid increasing doses of bread, potatoes and sauce, and stuffing. Extra servings of vegetables are a better choice.
Eat slowly
Take time to savor and enjoy every bite on your plate. Eating can also have the option to give your stomach time to fill, limiting overeating. Eating too quickly can cause you to eat more than you need and it often leads to that feeling of over-fullness and bloating.
Pick satisfaction
It is okay to have dessert, but make it fun and reward yourself. If many sugary treats are available, scan the smorgasbord to see what tantalize you the most. Do not settle for pumpkin pie or carrot cake just because you think it’s healthier. If you really want that piece of Aunt Mary men chocolate fudge brownie with ice cream, go for it. Allow yourself the salary of the special treat. It will taste sweeter and more magnificent if it is a special treat. It is better to go directly to the entertainment that will satisfy the sweet tooth your while to accept the carrot cake is not to send you back to Aunt Mary Brownie subject after all.
Offal, but correctly
Extremes of kindness and thanks. Let machines and your family know how much you appreciate them. Give thanks to the rich. Be kind. Be healthy. Be well adjusted.

Holiday Happy Hour

I want to start and express my gratitude to all who read this article. My goal with this information is to help you out in areas of health and fitness that you can deal with. You might learn something here and there, and when you learn, I’ve achieved what I meant! So again, thank you.

With the big holiday season in the United States, I want to remember to eat, and why so many people dread the holidays and all the food. So let’s jump into any situation and ways that you do not have to fear holiday.

First, if you eat well and regularly are happy with how you look and feel, what is there to worry about? If you eat healthy ever day of your life, then you can eat whatever you want tomorrow or any other holiday for that matter. Now if you do not feel good later, then maybe you just want to eat until you are full and not stuffed! Or if you know something does not agree with your system, stay away from them too!

Second, if you eat a good majority of the time (I did not say much, I said good), and maybe you could afford to lose a few LB, you can still eat what you want, just pay attention to the amount. Most people pile their plates up and return to the seconds, thirds and fourths! If you want to taste all the collection, then take smaller doses, or do plate and split it with your partner. If you do not have a partner then the risk to your brother, sister or friend.

Third, if you eat poorly most of the time, and you know who you are, you can still eat what you want. You will learn to use self-control during the holidays and in everyday life. This is due to the bad decisions you eat regularly and you also lack respect for the body. Until you realize this is to struggle with weight. Until you respect and love yourself and your body, you will not lose weight. So, for no fear vacation, you can limit yourself to one standard size plate of food that is not stacked a mile high, you can drink more water on the day for a meal, you can eat your food slow instead of eating as it is a race to see who wins the fast eating gold medal, you can also drink water during the meal and after you finish your plate, and you can claim that you love to eat healthy by turning makes you healthier you and your body loves you for it! (Write that last phrase down and read it twice a day) These simple strategies can help you through the holidays. Everyday you have a choice, eat bad, or good to eat, are both advantages as easy as others, you just need to start doing more of the good than bad choice.

The second point I want to touch on is an exercise on vacation. You will not get any more weight if you do not workout on vacation! At least not more weight than you would if you did workout. If you eat a ton of food, you will gain weight either way, it will eventually come out in a few days to eat right and exercise. So, my philosophy is that if you are traveling a day or two, or you are entertaining for a day or two, do not worry about getting a workout in. Spend time with family and friends that you have not seen in awhile, it’s good for you and them to catch up and share happiness! If you decide to go workout because you have the time, or some friends or family will, then do it. Just do not stress over not getting a workout in a few days.

Motivation to Keep Moving

I asked a lot, how do I stay motivated? There are a lot of ways to stay motivated. I will discuss some of the main ways in this article.

If you can find a burning desire, why you want to exercise or be healthy, then you will be unstoppable. If you keep your mind fixed on the burning desire, all excuses will fall apart, never to be found again. As soon as you stop to think about it a powerful desire, then excuses and fear set in. Make sure you write it down, along with some other things we’re going to go over today. Carry it with you, read it, and actually feel it daily. So what could possibly burning desire to be? Anything that gets going, you know, increase your energy up; the desire to be skinny, healthy, energetic, for when the kids are older, around grandchildren, running a 5k, to compete in some kind of sports event, to fit into a small sports car, to be able to touch your toes again swim personal best, etc. Just make sure it is the most inspiring thing for you.

Another way to stay motivated is to write down your goals. Writing goals is so important, and without them, what are you shooting for? Without goals how do you know where you are going, and how to track what you’re doing? Make objectives and goals you must meet this week (I will practice every day this week), make a goal for the next month, 6 months, 1 year and 5 years! Write them down in the same paper and burning desire and be sure to carry them everywhere and read them daily. Do not forget to change them if necessary. Many people ask me why it is so important to do it … here’s why. You eat food daily to energize your body, hopefully you are feeding your body healthy foods. The same thing needs to happen with the mind, it requires daily motivation to be energized!

At this same piece of paper, make some affirmations and read them daily. Affirmations help you adjust your attitude, so if you do not practice, you need confirmation that says; Exercise makes me feel amazing, and I exercise daily!

Reading 10 pages motivation or health books a day is another great way to stay motivated. My wife and I try to read at least 10 pages of a good book today. Yes, we miss the day here and there, but we are very stable! Reading informs you about new things and new ideas, and it’s great for the brain. If you can believe this, I never read the book I did not read of all my life. I would read even choose your own adventure books so I had not read the book. It was not until I began to have a desire to better myself, I started reading self development books all the time. Now I read with my wife, listen to motivational CD in the car, and read on my phone often.

The last way to stay motivated, and this is very important. Pay attention to the thoughts in your head when you do not feel like doing a workout or even when you are feeling down. This can be a huge eye-opener for you, when you begin to discover that some unconscious thoughts are causing you to sabotage yourself. This is the hardest list too, you have to really pay attention to what the brain is thinking at all times. It’s like weeding out the garden so amazing crops can grow. You need to weed out any limiting thoughts so that you can truly thrive and live a healthy life.

You’ve taken a big step in the right direction now that you have read the newsletter. The next step is to make it on the list, and watch the magic happen! I use iLog1 app for iPhone / iPad / iTouch to track my goals, write down affirmations, and even monitor my mood! If you do not use electronic devices, then make sure you carry that paper with you everywhere!

This I love to exercise daily!

Meditation is good for health

Some are afraid of meditation because they think it’s going to make them become lost in thought and did not know where they are. I have heard that some people think that they will put themselves into a trance or shut themselves off from reality. I believe these old wives tales.
Mediation will help you to be more alert, calm, focused, and you will not worry as much. It’s really pleasant. Meditation is a good 4 your health.
Some of the benefits you will get from meditation are:
• You have to be optimistic and have higher self-esteem.
• It will reduce stress, tension, anxiety & depression.
• It improves the immune system and improves your health.
• You will feel more spiritual.
Proposals contemplate Positions
You may sit with your back straight, lay down, or lotus position (sitting with legs crossed) you will be comfortable or it will distract you from meditation. If you sit in a chair, make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Place your hands in the lap of your palm down. It is very important that U do not slouch down. Make sure that the clothes are loose and comfortable and the room is well ventilated. Breath through your nose if physically possible. It is good to meditate in the morning and evening. If you need to ponder in the middle of the day, then do it. It’s really up to you.
How to begin meditation
Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Feel your body begin to relax. Listen to your breathing. If your mind starts to wander, just concentrate on breathing and this will bring you back. Try to focus on words like peace, tranquility, calmness, love. It is suggested that you meditate at least 20 minutes. If this is not possible, do less. You may need to set the timer when you first try this. Once you have finished meditating, open your eyes and you can start moving. It takes time to get used to meditate, so be kind and patient with yourself.
The first time I thought, I was so tired that my mind wandered so bad that I had to really focus on my breathing. I fell asleep and did not realize this until I woke up an hour later. I said to myself, I will not wait so long to contemplate. Read is very good for you. I noticed that I had more energy, I felt more hopeful about my life. I had a better outlook on things. I slept better actually. I listen to a guided meditation every day now.
I found out that there were different types of meditation. There is a guided meditation, trans dental meditation, mantra meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chai, and the most current one I came across was Holosync meditation. Yoga has been mentioned to be as soothing and meditation and it has breathing and movements that calm the mind. I will do a separate post on these different types of meditation.
Meditation is so good for you that it has been known to help people who suffer from allergies, high blood pressure, fatigue, asthma and cancer. I find this quite amazing.

Gaining Altitude With some tips to grow taller

Everyone wants to grow taller and most people just do not know how, and when they are informed that they can not they just believe it. In case you want to grow taller naturally, you need to follow some tips to grow taller. First you need to have plenty of vitamins & proteins. Proteins are very important for the growth and you have lots of proteins in case you want to get high. Few best foods to take in order to get the maximum number of protein are milk, fish and eggs. All these foods alone with many proteins you need. Eat this as part of a diet shown to gain height. In addition to the protein & vitamins you need minerals. Out of all the minerals you can take calcium is most important and it helps the bones and body to grow. In case you do not get enough calcium options to grow decreases.

That being said, when you’re young and you commit yourself to the regular exercise program; you can speed up the expansion process when hormones promote healthy bones long life. In the case of good practice is held up as a healthy diet and regular exercise, you may find that it is now possible to keep off diseases that weaken bones and cut, which takes place in old age.

Another advantage for the implementation of the exercise routine and to increase height when you are young is: it releases height growth hormones that speed up the growth process. I bet you would like to know what these exercises are. Many useful work out who gives away height growth hormone will mot are stretching. What you must do instead is focusing an exercise routine that zero in on strengthening muscles.

This can do two things: it can improve your appearance and promote bone strength when you put on weight. Let us talk about the different scams that are swimming in the world, make a bold face lie that you can do some basic exercises that can increase your height when the body is finished, done with the growing process. Never listen to them, they are not effective, methods to increase height. Unless you go for any action and a knife, as the saying goes, you can not extend the bones in a minute they stop growing on their own. Now, you are wondering why this is so. Well, it is good to take a closer look at why we grow in the first place. Of our birth, a lot of bones are composed of cartilage, which is becoming more flexible. When we grow, this cartilage fuses together, forming a solid bone. In youth, we get growth plates located at different ends of long bones, which prolongs the gradual basis. Finally, what you find out is this: the growth plates do not grow longer hit in late puberty stage.